आज को जोक्स

Aja Sere ko English ko Exam thyo.. Question yesto Thyo.. "Make the Sentences using Following Word" 1. She: Ram was Doing 'She She' because he ate too many Green Chillies. 2. He: Girls in Our Class Always Laugh like 'He He He'. 3. They: I was About To Slap a Drunk man but my Friend Said..'Hunn-they...Bichara Jhyap Xa !' 4. Kill: When There is Load-Shedding.. .its Very 'Mush-Kill' to Go to Toilet and Bathroom. 5. Bull: 'Red-Bull' Gives wings...so I always Drink it. 6. Road: Today There was a Huge Crowd in 'New-Road' 8. Key: Girls do Too much 'Nautan-Key' 9. Book: There is Only one popular Book in world..that is Facebook

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