आज को जोक्स

Mero Chinese phone ko bisesta haru! . . . . . . . . -It gets full after 3 minutes of charging. -The phone has TV, Touch screen, Nail cutter, USB, 3 cameras, Touch very loud ringtone etc. -Text messages can be written in colour and if you choose 'urgent' the sms is sent in red.. -When i bought it i didnt realise that It had some spelling mistakes, it is written 'fArT' instead of 'fact'. -When an aeroplane passes by it records "Entering into flight mode". -When a big truck hoots; it records "charger connected". -When a Chinese man passes by you it says "Bluetooth device found". -When you get close to an Indian it says "Sorry this ATM cannot give out Cash Now". -When a baby nearby cries out loud it records "1 missed call". -When you miss a call it says "please visit an ear specialist"

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